Fact: a high percentage of small businesses fail. Why is this? It’s not that the business owner isn’t committed to the business, doesn’t work hard enough or isn’t providing a good product or service. In fact, in many cases it is quite the opposite, they actually do work hard and provide a great product and or service. So if this is the case, then why do so many businesses fail?

Simple – Sales and Marketing! 80% of any successful business is in the Sales and Marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you are the best Accountant, Carpenter, Cleaner or Restaurant in the area, if you don’t know how to market your business correctly and portray that to your target audience then you will eventually go broke and become another statistic. Like it or not, if you are in business then you are in sales and marketing, and any business owner worth his salt will tell you the same thing.

This is where Gutter Knight is a truly unique opportunity for the right type of person.

Gutter Knight is backed by leading Business Coaching and Marketing consultancy group ‘Better Business Now’. ‘Better Business Now’ has assisted in the increase and growth of 100’s of Australian businesses from start ups through to national franchises for the past 11 years. ‘Better Business Now’ has developed proven marketing systems and lead generation strategies that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for their clients.

Every successful Gutter Knight Applicant will not only be given proven scripts, systems, lead generation strategies, ongoing training in products and regular “Bootcamp” sales and marketing training delivered by industry leaders, you will also be provided with your own personal business coach who will be there next to you step by step while building your profitable Gutter Guard Business.

Unlike others, Gutter Knight only has a limited number of franchise opportunities available and will not be mass selling and diluting potential earnings for our franchisees. This has been structured this way to ensure that you, the selected franchisee, have huge potential growth in your designated area.

Is This You?

  • Ethical
  • open minded, coachable and willing to learn new ideas and skills
  • enjoy being outside in the open air and surroundings
  • not scared of heights (not talking sky scrapers here, 2 storey homes)
  • enjoy talking with people
  • prepared to put the effort into for the results
  • like the idea of being in business for yourself but not by yourself
  • desire to earn above average income with flexibility of hours

If this sounds like of interest to you and you would like to know more – simply pick up the phone and call us or email to arrange a confidential interview. Attention your enquiry to Brian