For those of you who range from the weekend handymen to the professional and want a DIY option we can supply you with all the materials you require for your job.

DIY option is also good for those people outside of Gutter Knight’s areas.

DIY option is suitable for:

  • Home handyperson who wants the satisfaction of completing a job themselves while saving a few dollars
  • Builders who will have their own team to install
  • Roofing companies who will have their own team to install
  • Plumbers who will have their own team to install
  • Commercial supply
  • Bulk supply

What you will need:

  • Ladder to access the roof
  • Trestles and planks if working along the side
  • Tin snips
  • Long nose pliers
  • Cordless impact driver and drill
  • ¼” magnetic head bit with extension
  • Protective gloves, protective eyewear, protective clothing
  • Safety harness and rope if working on roof
  • Good gripping shoes, hat and sun screen
  • Tile roof: Lever like a long screwdriver or small crowbar to lift edge of tiles
  • Tile roof: only a very small amount of Silicone may need to be used at bottom of tile roof hips

Skill level:

Lowset tile / steel roof

Medium level skill: Comfortable working at height and no medical condition that may impede this

Highset tile / steel roof

Medium level skill: Comfortable working at height and no medical condition that may impede this

Valleys tile / steel roof

Medium to high: depending on the type of valley mesh to be installed this can range up to high level required or leave to the experts – speak with us to work out which is the best valley mesh option for you

What comes in the kit:

  • Gutter guard mesh packaged in rolls in a box (10,15, 30m rolls)
  • Screws and all clips / profiles required depending on type of roof
  • Gutter edge metal trim
  • Instructions written in plain English with pictures
  • This complete kit is delivered directly to your door anywhere in Australia

Word on safety:

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Make sure the area you are working is cleared and people and animals are kept out of the way as dropping tools or equipment can occur.

Working from ladders and planks make sure equipment has sturdy footing and secure.

Working from the roof; always wear good gripping footwear and use any safety restraint system as required.

Final word: Working at heights is dangerous without appropriate safety precautions. Please check with relevant local/state authorities to see what you can do to be safe on the roof, or if any rules or laws apply. Working at heights is not for everyone, if you are uncomfortable of heights, have any medical condition that can impede this, don’t have quality equipment, then please leave it to the professionals.

How to measure:

You will need:

  • a pen / pencil
  • measuring tape or wheel
  • writing pad
  1. Walk around your home and draw a rough layout
  2. Using the measuring tape; measure all the gutters and valleys and write down these measurements on the corresponding part of your drawing.
  3. Then add up all measurements keeping the gutters and valleys as 2 separate totals as valley mesh is different – good rule of thumb is always to add an extra 10% to these totals to allow for overlaps and wastage.
  4. Write down the type of roof (tile, corrugated etc), colour of the gutters and the colour of the roof – if you don’t know the colour grab a Colorbond colour chart from a paint / hardware and check against this for the closest match.

If you are having any issues or difficulties please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to assist.

Pricing and How to order:

Now armed with the above information contact us by either email, phone or speak with your local Gutter Knight operator and we will happily help to process the order for you.

Pricing: pricing varies depending on product, roof type, valleys and total metres required – please contact us for an up to date pricing based on your specific requirements.

Powder-coating of the products to match your roof and gutters do not cost any extra and orders over $250 delivery to your door is totally free.