Gutter Knight Gutter Guards Central Coast

Well, grew up over in Perth. Lived in Melbourne for 20 years and moved up here 9 years ago to get married. We have a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. However between the two of us we have a total of 9 kids from previous marriages. (but only the two young ones live with us)

I had a business in construction 7 years ago using Hebel products. We only did that for a year before realising it just wasn’t feasible. The margins were way too small and all jobs had to come from Hebel.

I worked as a concreter for a couple of years in Melbourne but I have mainly driven trucks for years. Everything from little run trucks to B doubles. Around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and in the outback. Also I did line haul for a year.

I have also worked on a cattle station in the Northern Territory grading their firebreaks.

I am perfectionist, I like to do things properly and take pride in anything I am doing, whether that is doing a job or raising my kids.

I love to travel on holidays with my family and am well travelled in Australia and have lived in most of the capital cities.

I am very family oriented and love spending time with my wife and kids.

I have a white card, and a dangerous goods licence and I will be getting my working at heights ticket. I have a forklift licence and drivers licence up to road trains.

My wife Rebecca is a barista, she loves making coffee and plans to open her own Cafe one day. She has lived here in Newcastle most of her life.

Craig Mitchell