To help you we have placed common questions asked. If the answer to your question is not here or doesn’t specifically cover what you need to know; please just contact us to ask we are always more than happy to assist

To help you we have placed some common questions asked. If the answer to your question is not here or doesn’t specifically cover what you need to know; please just contact us, we are always more than happy to assist.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. Gutter Knight gutter mesh has 12 years warranty and we also provide a 20 year workmanship warranty too. Not only that but at the completion of every job a written warranty certificate if provided that stays with the house, meaning if you sell the home the warranty is still there.

Will I need to maintain it?

The short and honest answer is yes. We recommend that at least once a year you simply hose out the gutters by hosing through the mesh (no need to remove or open). The reality is when it rains it clears it out anyway, and majority of customers never touch it and have no problems at all, but I did say I wanted to be honest with my answer

I see that some other companies are advertising 100% leaf and debris free gutter mesh? Will gutter knight mesh do the same?

let’s start with the 1st statement, that is not true at all and annoys me when some companies / salespeople blatantly lie – think about this; all gutter mesh has holes in it so it stands to reason that something can or will get through.

Gutter knight mesh has different types of gutter mesh with various hole spacing, in most cases it will keep 95% of leaves and debris out and anything small enough to get through will simply flush out of the gutter when it rains

I live in a high bushfire prone area do you have a gutter mesh system that suits?


Our ember guard is specifically designed for bushfire prone areas and is a custom made gutter solution, suits all roof types and is bushfire compliant – conforms to AS3959-2009

Will your mesh melt or burn in a fire?


Gutter Knight mesh has a spread of flame index of ‘0’. Meaning being either aluminium or steel it’s not going to spread flames, unlike some other products

Will it keep birds, possums and vermin out of my gutters and getting under the roof?


Gutter Knight gutter mesh when installed seals off the guttering system so nothing should enter (unless they eat metal?). The only way ‘vermin’ can get in is up the inside of downpipes but there is ways we can stop that too if it’s a problem

When it rains heavily will water still get into my gutters or just run straight off onto the ground?

That’s what we call ‘water sheeting’. With our diamond profile mesh it is designed for maximum water capture. To be honest, in extreme rain storms even without gutter guard mesh water will still over flow the gutters and run off to the ground (and that’s what they are designed to do anyway)

Our main water supply is our water tank; will the gutter guard mesh restrict valuable water into our tanks?


our Gutter Knight mesh has a diamond profile which is specially designed to allow better water capture, meaning water easily enters the gutter and into your tank

Will leaves still sit on my roof?

Leaves can sit on the roof and on top off the mesh but with a little breeze generally blow straight off. The mesh is fitted to act like a ‘ski slope’ so leaves and debris just slide straight off

What types of roofs can you install gutter knight gutter guard on?

Tile roofs all profiles, metal roofs (corrugated, trimdeck, decramastic tiles) commercial

I am building a house (or have house plans) can you quote from my plans?


We often quote for builders and happy to quote off a plan if you send them through

Is Plastic better than Aliminium or Steel?

That's a real good question and depends on who you talk to (and what they are selling).

Here's a quick run down:

- Plastic unless protected out in the sun and weather breaks down - we have all seen plastic that has been outside for some time and it becomes hard and brittle

- Plastic in a fire will ignite or in high heat will deform

- Plastic is made from chemicals that leach out over time and may end up in your water tank

- Plastic needs to be manufatured thicker for strength so will cut down on water into the gutters or cause more water 'sheeting' (run off)

Aluminium and Steel don't have these problems and are 'cleaner' materials to use.

People ask us why we don't use plastic? As we are independant we can use or buy what ever material we like - but when it comes down to it at the end of the day we need to provide a warranty and stand behind the product we use, as we don't want any problems (just like you don't) we only use Aluminium and Steel mesh.

How do I pay?

Credit card, direct debit, cash

How much does it cost?

Each house needs to be quoted to give an exact fixed price. It depends on many factors like the roof type, low set or multiple levels, total length of the job, the type of gutter guard that is needed for your particular needs and more. Please just request a free measure and quote and we will be more than happy to give you an exact fixed price

All mesh is exactly the same isn't it?

That's like saying; All cars are exactly the same, they all have 4 wheels - of course we all know that they are different and have different functions and you can buy cheap ones (that don't last and cost you money) and premium brands that perform and save you money over time.

It's the same with mesh, even though mesh from different companies may at first apprearance all 'look' the same that's very rarely the case, and 'yes' you get the salesperson who will always say that their mesh is exactly the same as the more expensive one but in reality they are peddling a cheap product that once installed and when you do get problems they are gone.

We all have bought products in the past that were cheap that have ended up costing us more in the long run - here's something to think about; it will cost you the same labour rate to install a inferior product as it will cost a premium product, so why not do it right the first time. Remember; you get what you pay for...

Do I need to be home?


We bring everything we need and don’t need to use your power

Someone told me that possums will bend the mesh?

Possums bend the mesh? yeah maybe if they are fat 30 kilo ones and the size of a German Shepard, but never seen one of those...

I have heard this before from customers who had a 'salesperson' around trying to scare them with ridiculous stories. When you think about it there is really only a few inches gap at the most between the edge of the roof and the tip of the gutter, so not that much space at all - and once the mesh (either steel or aluminium) is screwed to the edge of the gutter and fixed to the roofing, the mesh is tight.

Good luck on a possum bending it, and if by some chance it did it's not going to make any difference to the performance anyway...

If you do come by one of those 30 kilo German Shepard sized possums, please take a picture I would love to see one :)

Will the colour of the gutter guard mesh match my roof?

We have a variety of colours that match common roof colours, at present we have 16 standard colours and can also custom match if required

Do you clean my gutters before installing or do I have to do that myself?

Yes. We clean your gutters for you just before we install the gutter mesh so you have leaf free gutters

How long does it take to install?

Each job is different. Generally most jobs are completed within a day weather permitting