Gutter Knight offers the perfect Gutter Guard for Townhouses in and around Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions which is great news for home owners and renters in these areas. Why? According to Real Estate institute of QLD evidence supports that townhouses are skyrocketing in popularity with home owners and renters alike because this type of home offers the best of both worlds.

Recent REIQ data confirms that almost 20% of the state’s unit sales were townhouses. Likewise the RTA confirms that there’s been more than an 80% rise in three-bedroom townhouses being rented in Queensland over the last ten years whereas standard three-bedroom house has only risen by 3% in the same time frame. Clearly there has been a huge shift in tenant preferences.

One of the key reasons for the shift is that today’s lifestyle changes mean that home owners and especially renters do not want to spend all of their free time doing maintenance; preferring to do fun leisure activities instead. Fair enough! That obviously includes not having to worry about clear, clean gutters. It would be a good idea to find out everything you can about gutter guard for townhouses if you are considering joining the trend of happy townhouse dwellers!

General home maintenance typically includes spending weekends mowing the lawn and/or weeding gardens’ but a townhouse offers the ideal solution as there is very little, if any of these jobs to be done. BUT there are still leaves and debris that blows in to gutters causing various types of problems. That’s where having a professional Gutter Guard for townhouses system installed can help.

Many townhouse estates have body corporates as a governing body that oversees maintenance and other aspects of group housing projects. The repairs and general maintenance are typically carried out by onsite residential managers or private contractors. But depending upon the nature of the area with regards to trees and shrubs; quite often the gutters need cleaning every few months which can get rather expensive and/or time consuming. No sooner were they cleaned and the leaves were back again the following week!

A gutter guard for townhouses can solve this problem very easily and for less money than you may think. Sure you’ll need a few meetings to organise the best solution for townhouses and what type of gutter guards to install. It’s a good idea to get a few quotes as well as thoroughly do your research so that you get a high quality installation at a fair price with an ironclad guarantee.

Whether you live in a small complex with just two or three townhouses or a larger multi-townhouse community; there’s a sure-fire Gutter Guard for townhouses system that’s perfect for your particular needs.

So if leaves and debris are finding their way into your gutters and you’re sick of climbing up on to the roof to clean them out; why not give us a call? Gutter Knight’s gutter mesh for townhouses can certainly help with a superior gutter protection system that’s just right for your lovely urban townhouse.