Paying a contractor or installing gutter guards in Brisbane? Which of these is the better option when it comes to keeping gutters clean and free from debris? It generally costs between $75 and $100 per cleaning which you may need to get done several times per year depending upon the environment you reside in. Does your neighbourhood resemble a state forest filled with trees and fauna resulting in masses of leaves, twigs and garden debris landing on your roof and filling your gutters? Sadly if that is the case you’d require your gutters cleaned every few weeks which would cost you an absolute fortune or see you spending too much leisure time cleaning out the gutters instead of enjoying yourself! Gutter guards would definitely be a better option.

So in a very leafy area with a potential crane load of debris to clean up; gutter guards make good economic sense. But what about for the average house with sparse foliage that requires just one or two gutter cleans annually? Are gutter guards worth considering or would it be more economical to just hire a contractor to clear them out? Not necessarily!

You decided against gutter guards but may be surprised when you get the final price tag from the contractor you hired for a routine gutter cleaning! Sure the advertised price was only $100 but by the time the contractor also replaced various worn parts including drop tubes, end caps and elbows; it was a hefty $375! Chances are the extras may not have been needed but you’ll never know!

It can be tough deciding whether to spend money on something that you’re not sure you really need especially if you’ve always been a bit of a handyman. But you’re not as agile as you used to be and slipping off a ladder wouldn’t be a good option at all. Perhaps it’s time to consider a professional gutter guards installation to permanently take care of the gutters. Rental properties also fall into the category of gutter guard being a better option than paying for gutter cleaning.

And of course there is always the chance of poor workmanship from the contractor hired to clear the gutters to only have them overflow a week later when it rained. You’ll never know whether enough leaves and debris fill and clogged the downpipe or the job was not done properly in the first place. Gutter guards eliminates this problem too.

Weighing everything up it looks as though installing gutter guard protection is a good option in comparison to the manual job of clearing gutters regardless of how often it’s needed. Now you’ll need to work out the best type of gutter guards to choose! Do your research thoroughly because an uniformed decision could result in various disasters including mold, mildew and soil erosion. Worse still you could end up with internal water damage or flooding!

How do you want to end up spending your weekends?