The Australian landscape can be extremely dry and since we are often drought prone; debris-free and acid-free water is a very precious resource. Rain is often undervalued as the life giving force that it really is – the precious liquid is collected via your roof, transported by your gutters to one or more junctions from which it is eventually dispatched to your rain-water tank. The effective system works well with clean gutters but breaks down when they are clogged with leaves, twigs, seeds and other debris.

An ideal solution is to install gutter guards which will ensure your gutters remain clean allowing fresh rainwater to easily be transported into your tank.

Installing Gutter Guard will also help maintain the integrity of your roof and gutters with durability increased by 2 to 3 times. That may just save you a wad of cash in expensive repairs and/or replacement costs.

Another serious issue when gutters are left un-cleared and full of leaf debris is the risk of fire as the matter can transform into kindling when it dries out and then cause a house fire.

Australia has experienced some very severe droughts throughout the years and undoubtedly homeowners should consider installing gutter guards and superior water storage solutions for maintaining adequate clean water supplies when things become dry and the rain stops falling.

Rather than being one of many homeowners that spend good money on quality rain-water tanks without realising the need to fit good quality gutter protection. What happens to these people? The rain eventually comes down but sadly due to clogged gutters, the precious water is lost instead of being collected and diverted to their rain-water storage tanks. In the event of a bushfire heading your way; having little or no water in the tanks is absolutely useless!

Gutter Knight gutter guards only use high quality, Australian-made gutter protection mesh products that offer the best leaf and debris protection available in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine regions. Not only will your clean fresh water flow freely into storage tanks but it’s also a much less risky way to ensure clean gutters. No more scooping out leaves and debris with both hands whilst wobbling precariously at the top of a ladder!