If you don’t mind having to spend most of your free time clearing out your home’s gutters, especially in localities that are well known for being windy – then gutter guards may not interest you! However if you’d rather watch the football, enjoy a little R&R or just read a good book rather than climb up and down ladders to unclog and clear out the gutters yet again, Gutter Knight is your number one gutter protection solution for homeowners living in the Brisbane area.

Not all gutter guards are created equal with some gutter protection products barely keeping leaves out and others performing double duty. Choosing the best gutter guards for your home is definitely well worth some heavy duty consideration.

Aesthetic Appeal and Value

Although the primary role of gutter guard protection is to keep gutters clear of leaves and other debris; the truth is that many gutter guards simply look ugly. Gutter Knight, a Brisbane based gutter guard company understands that aesthetic value is equally important and offers a variety of different gutter guard products depending on your home’s roof type, zoning and a few other considerations. In most instances gutter guards can be installed directly under the second row of tiles resulting in no alteration to the roofline appearance.

Ease of Maintenance

Gutter guards are excellent in preventing leaves and debris gathering in gutters but on occasions due to severe weather conditions some leaves, foliage and debris may blow in and accumulate on top of the guards. Gutter Knight guards are manufactured to the highest Australian standards with superior products ensuring low maintenance upkeep via a simple hosing out if ever needed.

Keep Wildlife Out

Birds are renowned for building nests in gutters and eaves meaning that gutter guards need to be installed correctly without any gaps thereby minimising potential wildlife nesting investigation.

Professional Gutter Guard Installation

Look for a professional gutter protection company that hires certified technicians rather than consider a DIY gutter guard project or handyman for hire service. Gutter Knight professional gutter guard installations offer homeowners peace of mind via a fully itemised written quotation, high quality Australian products specifically designed for an Aussie environment, certified workmanship and a quality written guarantee.

It is undoubtedly worthwhile to do adequate research when considering the best gutter protection service for your home. Gutter Knight is a local Brisbane business servicing not only Brisbane and Ipswich suburbs but also the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. Choosing a reputable gutter guard company begins with checking out their credentials, customer testimonials and overall reputation within the industry.