Gutter protection products like gutter guards fall into the home maintenance category that most homeowners forget about until something goes wrong. Like when gutters suddenly backup and begin overflowing in a sudden downpour! Or someone hollers: “Honey – There’s Trees Growing in the Gutter”!

Greening Australia and Landcare planted trees in highly degraded areas that were in critical need of a greener urban landscape. Much of Queensland boasts a landscape filled with impressive trees and shrubs scattered throughout countless suburban parks, gardens, virgin bushland properties and farms. Much of the time Queensland suffers from low rainfall and long bouts of drought. Home owners need to consider home maintenance options which will not only protect their home and its value, but also protect their life in the case of a fire. Like the overflowing gutter premise; most home owners don’t consider adequate protection against fires until it’s too late! Something as affordable and simple as gutter guards can make all the difference. Just how do you choose the best gutter protection products for your specific needs? What about the countless gutter guard companies claiming their product is superior; who should you trust?

Tips in choosing the right gutter guard product

– You’ll need to choose a gutter guard product that specifically suits your house – and there’s plenty of different types of houses in Australia. Some have a flat roof and others are gabled, pitched or multi-storied. Then there’s the iron or cement roof – the timber house situated in a very high fire zone and so on.

– If you live in a fire prone locality; plastic mesh gutter guards are definitely out of the question and a waste of money!

– Stepped gutter guards or those that carry a heavy leaf load will mean lots of work keeping it clear of leaves (kind of defeats the purpose). Also if left unmaintained with too many leaves, the product will eventually degenerate.

– Is your roof built with tiles or iron? Some gutter guards don’t work well on some roofs; especially those that are tiled.

Finally – but very important is your overall home maintenance budget, although this one is somewhat debatable as a poor decision to either go without gutter protection or to choose the cheapest option may cost you a lot more than you expected in the long run.

Sure you could always settle for a DIY option from a hardware store but if you live in a known fire zone, have areas with very high leaf loads, a tiled roof and sections of inaccessible guttering, it may be best to call in a professional gutter guards company.

It’s so important to thoroughly do your research when spending any large amounts of money; regardless of what you are purchasing – it’s no different when considering installing gutter guards! Call Gutter Knight for an obligation free detailed quote and rest assured knowing this Brisbane based company only uses the highest quality gutter protection products made to strictest Australian standards.