When you decided to buy that lovely dream home in the hinterlands did you check it for gutter guards or some type of gutter protection product? No? You’ll soon wish you had of! Living on that small acreage allotment in Brisbane’s rural areas, the Gold Coast foothills or Sunshine Coast hinterland regions can be a fire hazard especially during the long hot summer months. Hot north-westerly winds are known to rip through the native bushland and zigzag back and forth across properties. Windy conditions can strip the leaves off trees in a matter of minutes – and yours truly gets to clean up the mess, yet again!

Living on acreage with a picturesque rural landscape is one of those typical Aussie dreams; but too sadly the dream can become an absolute nightmare very easily with bush fires threatening to destroy gorgeous properties, homes and sometimes even people’s lives. Don’t let your property be at risk because you didn’t bother to install gutter protection.

Despite the fact that living alongside nature is undoubtedly very nice for those that embrace the country wooded atmosphere; it’s not so great when there’s a sudden downpour. You didn’t consider that your gutters could overflow because of all of the leaves that have magically blown in and accumulated. Don’t worry; you’re certainly not the only person that’s decided on a property without considering all of the potential risks associated with a rural-suburban lifestyle. You never gave much thought to what happens to all of the leaves on those trees situated up close to the house when it’s windy! They may offer plenty of shade from the heat, but they can sure cause a huge mess making home maintenance a right royal pain! Undoubtedly homeowners that have either lived through a bushfire threat or torrential rain understand the importance of installing an effective gutter protection system sooner rather than after the fact!

Gutter guards are an ideal solution offering protection and a lot less work in home maintenance. Gutter guards have improved since they first appeared with such good design concepts nowadays that there’s little if any need to climb up on to your home’s roof again with superior gutter guard solutions that not only allow water to flow through to the gutter but also raise leaves and debris above the top of the gutter itself enabling the foliage to fall to the ground.

Living in a natural wooded environment surrounded by trees and shrubbery also increases the potential of bush fires making gutter guards more than simply a low home maintenance convenience but an integral fire resistance system component for your home. The 2mm all steel mesh used by Gutter Knight is designed especially for fire prone areas eliminating the risk of accumulating any tinder dry leaves that will ignite quickly allowing a fire to take hold and destroy your home.

Those people living in fire prone regions should check with home and contents insurance companies as many offer discounts for having gutter guards professionally installed on your home.