Living in bush surrounded areas has its advantages of living a rural lifestyle but also the disadvantages that generally these areas are high fire risk.

During a fire burning embers are created and if the conditions are windy become airborne, depending on how windy it is these burning embers can travel some distance before settling down and spreading the fire risk. When these embers land on roofs and gutters if there are dry leaves and debris build-up there is a potential risk of ignition and starting a fire which can spread under the roof to the roof frame and then to the rest of the home.

Special gutter guard has been developed to help combat this problem. Ember Guard a 2mm superfine all steel mesh is fitted to the gutter edge and to the roof virtually eliminating any gaps for burning embers to enter. This is custom made and suits all types of roofs.
Some other info:
– all steel which is stronger and long lasting
– Bushfire compliant and conforms to AS3959-2009
– Suits all roof types
– over 30 colours to match all modern metal and tile roofs

If you live in a bushfire prone area or are building in one, contact us and find out how Gutter Knight’s Ember Guard can help you and your family keep safe.