Others said TOO HARD, We said YES to installing Christine’s Gutter Guard

Christine from Shailer park had 4 different brisbane gutter guard companies around to quote on her job. She has a 2 story colourbond roof with a very steep pitch. Only recently moving into the house with her family she could see that the leaves in the gutters were going to be a big problem after the large amounts of rain we have had recently.

We were the only company who would take on the job and help Christine out (well, actually two did offer but they doubled their prices!) and install her gutter guard.

We met Christine onsite at the agreed time and got stuck into it. The job took the better part of the day and involved harnesses but it was worth it. Christine now has high quality gutter guard securely installed onto her roof and gutters and will now have ‘leaf free gutters’ for at least the next 20 years.

Shailer Park is a surburb of Brisbane Australia, read more about Shailer Park here.