Gutter Guard Installed to 19 Townhouses in Indooroopilly

We got an enquiry a few months ago from a body corporate and concerned residents about the damage the leaves in their gutters were causing. They were having to get them cleaned every few months which was costing them a lot of money. They would clean the gutters then the next week they were full again.

They decided to get gutter guard to solve this problem which we were able to assist them with. We met them onsite and had multiple meetings to make sure we fully understood what the best solution would be for their leaf problems and provide them with the correct type of gutter guard. They tried multiple companies however chose us with the comfort of receiving guaranteed gutter protection for 20 years (plus we are a professional and well priced brisbane gutter guard company)

We just finished installing the gutter guard at Indooroopilly to all 19 Townhouses and the residents couldn’t be happier. Mind you the job didn’t go 100% to plan, one of our installers Matt got bitten by a spider and ended up with a nice swollen hand but thankfully everything was all ok. Just another reason to get gutter guard to reduce the chances of vermin getting into your walls and roof area.

If you have leaves in your gutters, sick of getting up on your roof to clean your gutters or just have any questions about getting gutter guard installed please give us a call and we’d be happy to have a chat.

Gutter Knight installs gutter guard for townhouses around Brisbane and beyond, we are more than happy to come out and quote for your particular circumstances and give professional advice.
Indooroopilly is a suburb in Brisbane, Australia – to read more about Indooroopilly click here.